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Initial Release Date: December 14, 1990
Genre(s): Strategy
Platforms: PC DOS, Super Famicom, FM Towns, Sharp X68000, Amiga
Publisher: Maxis
Developer: Artdink
You play the part of the head of a railroad company, with the aim of creating your own railroad empire, providing a successful mass transit system that will be an inspiration to the rest of the world. Another goal is to provide the impetus for your chosen city to develop. There are a number of different places to set up business each with different layouts and existing houses and businesses.

The main money earners are passenger trains, that can be scheduled to pick up passengers at the times of day when the demand is high. However, in the long term you need the city to develop. This requires setting up trains that transport resources to where they are needed. These resources are used to build houses, and other buildings, increasing the number of passengers for your commuter trains.

As the city develops, new businesses will spring up, such as stadiums, high rise office blocks, and ski resorts. You can also build your own businesses, the success of which will depend on the local population, the presence of competing businesses, and even the changes of the seasons, among other factors.

Critic Ratings: 60
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Pegi Rating :

I used to have this game for my Amiga, played it mostly everyday and yet i still do thanks to an emulation from Winuae.
There is a new variant of this version made by the same people who made this back then Artdink is still working on most of the versions the only thing of those version they never made it as the old classic version was. The new game is still fun and has mostly the same aspect of the original but it feels different and it’s not like they are following the western concept as it is now japanese, so sometimes a window pops up in the japanese text.
And as said before i still miss the old classic Maxis game.

My rate for this game: 9/10

This game is no longer for sale, however i will add the newer version that is known right now as A-train 8!
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