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Freespace 2
Initial Release Date:1999
Genre(s): Simulation – Combat – Sci-fi
Platforms: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
Publisher: Interplay
Developer: Volition
The year is 2367, thirty two years after the Great War. Or at least what YOU thought was the Great War. The seemingly endless tide of Shivan capital ships, bombers and fighters with super advanced technology was nearly overwhelming.As the Terran and Vasudan races finish rebuilding their decimated societies, a disturbance lurks in the not-so-far reaches of the Gamma Draconis system. Your nemesis has arrived… and they are wondering what happened to their scouting party…The game continues on the story from Descent: FreeSpace, once again thrusting the player into the role of a pilot fighting against the mysterious aliens, the Shivans. While defending the human race and its alien Vasudan allies, the player also gets involved in putting down a rebellion of those elements of Vasudan (Hammer of Light) and Human (Neo Terran Front) forces which don’t want to cooperate with one another.
Critic Ratings: 82
IGDB Link: Click Here
Pegi Rating :

The follow up of the popular and best selling game Freespace 2, and yes this time o got it finished 🙂 This game is still being played by a huge fan based group and right now there is even a group wgo has made a mod for this game with better graphics and new specials to the game and since the game went as opensource many had used the engine to make their own variant of spacebattle like games like the battlestar galactica, Wing Commander and yet still in production a star wars based version (do not know if it is still going or it has been cancelled).

My rate for this game: 10/10

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