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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Initial Release Date: 1985
Genre(s): Shooter
Platforms: Apple II, Commodore C64/128
Publisher: Epyx
Developer: Epyx
Yo Joe! COBRA is up to its slimy tricks once again. They are planning world domination through mass terrorism. The team forces must unite to advance and stop the menace of COBRA in G.I. Joe. the new video game adventure from Konami!
Critic Ratings: N/A
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As the title says, this was the port of the popular cartoon series of the G.I. Joe computer game. At first it’s a fun game but playing for a while the game gets boring real fast as there isn’t a real storyline as most games you just select wich Joe you want and the game starts whitout telling you what to do or what the mission is.
still fun to see this game as a computer franchise.

My rate for this game: 5/10

This game is no longer for sale, but it still can be found as a Rom file for emulations!
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