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Initial Release Date: 1994
Genre(s): Strategy
Platforms: Amiga
Publisher: Gremlin Graphics
Developer: Graeme Ing
K240 is a real-time strategy computer game developed by Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd in 1994 for the Amiga. It is a sequel to 1991 Amiga game Utopia: The Creation of a Nation.
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Back in the days when i was young i played this game on my Amiga, i wasnt really great at it, but it was sometimes fun to play, colonize a astroid and research the engines and set course for the enemy and BOOOOM! crush the astroid at them.. Wait What i lost!! ugh..
The game was later re-made as Fragile Alliance for the PC same as before.

My rate for this game: 5/10

This game is no longer for sale! However there are Rom files available for emulation, please use a search for these rom files!
However there was a re-make from this game called Fragile Alliance for pc you can buy this one at these stores:
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