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Initial Release Date: 1988
Genre(s): Simulator, Strategy, Tactical
Platforms: Zx Spectrum, PC DOS, Commodore C64/128, Atari ST/STE, Amiga
Publisher: Microprose
Developer: Sid Meier
Arnold Hendrick
Red Storm Rising is a simulation video game based on Tom Clancy’s novel Red Storm Rising and released in 1988 by MicroProse. The player is put in charge of an American SSN submarine in the Norwegian Sea Theater with the overall role of a hunter killer performing various missions in the context of the global conflict described in the book representing a campaign. Its original Commodore 64 version was co-designed and co-programmed by the legendary game designer Sid Meier.
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Pegi Rating :

Red Storm Rising was one of the books i had read from Tom Clancy, it was one of my favorite back in my young years, when the game was on sale back then for the zx i was stunnend on how precise the game was on his book, the game itself was a hard to beat as if you loose a battle the outcome will have consequences on europe, i also later got this game for amiga and pc but overall the classic zx spectrum was somewhat better as for the controls hance you had a keyboard overlay.

My rate for this game: 9/10

This game is no longer for sale! However there are Rom files available for emulation, please use a search for these rom files!
However there is a re-make of this game named Cold Waters sold at steam.
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