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Spy Hunter
Initial Release Date:1982
Genre(s): Racing, Shooter
Platforms: BBC Microcomputer System, ZX Spectrum, Arcade, Atari 2600, Amstrad CPC, PC DOS, ColecoVision, Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Commodore C64/128, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Publisher: Bally Midway
Developer: George Gomez
Originating in the arcades, Spy Hunter is a driving action game played from an overhead point of view. Your car is equipped with machine guns to help you get past the numerous enemies out on the road (be careful not to shoot any civilians, though!) Occasionally you will come across a weapons van, and if you drive into the back of the van your car becomes equipped with a second weapon (such as smoke screen, oil slick, or missiles). At several points the road splits and you can enter a boathouse which transforms your car into a boat temporarily. If you drive far enough the seasons change as well (watch out for icy conditions during winter!). The enemy cars will do anything to stop you, including running you off the road, firing guns from the back of a limo, or dropping bombs from a helicopter.
Critic Ratings: 80
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Pegi Rating :

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My rate for this game: 9/10

This Game is no longer available, there are Rom files for Emulation. Please use a search for these rom files if wanted, however Spyhunter 1 and 2 for playstation and playstation 3 are still available see your local store or the online store for details!
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