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Wing Commander 2
Initial Release Date:1991
Genre(s): Simulator
Platforms: MS-DOS, FM Towns
Publisher: Origin Systems
Developer: Chris Roberts
The year 2656. The TCS Tiger’s Claw, pride of the Terran Confederation’s fleet, is on campaign in the Enigma sector, near the Kilrathi sector headquarters, the K’tithrak Mang starbase. In a sudden attack, it is lost with all hands, save a few pilots who had been transferred off, and one who was out on patrol: the player’s character, whose name and call sign are specified by the player. Origin personnel, in these days, called him “Bluehair” after his most defining feature; in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, his name was changed to Christopher “Maverick” Blair. Blair’s claims that some sort of “Kilrathi stealth fighter” destroyed the Claw are summarily dismissed, especially since his flight data recorder is damaged. He is court martialed for treason (reduced to negligence, without the flight recorder as evidence), demoted to Captain, and branded as “The Coward of K’Tithrak Mang.” Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn attempts to force Blair to resign; when Blair refuses, he is transferred to InSystem Security and exiled to Caernarvon Station in the backwater Gwynedd system. Cut to 2665, ten years later. Blair, flying a patrol, is startled to engage Kilrathi fightercraft in the area. Not long after, Admiral Tolwyn’s flagship, the TCS Concordia, shows up on sensors, under heavy attack by a Kilrathi cruiser and her fighters. Blair and his wingman Captain Elizabeth “Shadow” Norwood together save the ship, and he is briefly reunited with some of his friends from the Claw—Colonel Jeannette Devereaux, Lieutenant Colonel Mariko Tanaka, the Kilrathi defector Colonel Ralgha nar Hhallas, Captain Etienne Montclair, and Major Zach Colson—and used to assist in the attack on the Kilrathi cruiser, before being packaged back to Caernarvon. Colonel Devereaux requested a transfer for Blair to the Concordia but on the flight back, Blair states to Shadow that he probably won’t get reassigned due to his past with Admiral Tolwyn. But Blair and Shadow have barely returned when the Concordia is attacked again, and an explosion on the flight deck has crippled her ability to launch fighters. In the ensuing battle, Shadow is killed, Blair triumphs, and Tolwyn, ever-mindful of the need for good pilots, takes The Coward of K’Tithrak Mang onto his flagship. Blair’s time there is not particularly easy. At least one pilot, Captain Dirk “Stingray” Wright, believes the slander spread about the Claw’s destruction, and he and Blair’s stauncher supporters (Tanaka, nar Hhallas, Devereaux) are frequently at odds. The flight deck explosion, a bizarre murder, and radio transmission records suggests that there is a traitor aboard the Concordia. Tolwyn frequently credits Blair’s successes to his wingmen (particularly nar Hhallas). And though Maverick encounters Kilrathi Strakha stealth fighters several times, his black box always manages to malfunction or be destroyed. His repeated claims regarding the invisible ships frustrate Devereaux, who despite her belief that he didn’t have anything to do with the destruction of the Tiger’s Claw does not believe his statements about the cloaked ships. Not long into the campaign, Blair’s oldest friend Mariko “Spirit” Tanaka approaches him with terrible news: the Kilrathi have her fiance Phillip. He was captured some ten years earlier when the Tiger’s Claw defended the Firekka system from Kilrathi attack, and the Kilrathi are demanding her betrayal in exchange for his release. Even worse, Phillip is being held on the captured Heaven’s Gate starbase, which Concordia has orders to destroy. In the end, Blair and Tanaka are assigned to the strike, but sabotage cripples Spirit’s plane. With no recourse, she rams the station, destroying it, her fiance and herself in one herculean explosion. The news is not all bad, though: shared grief over their friend draws Blair and Jeannette “Angel” Devereaux into a budding romance. Despite tragedy and setback, the tide begins to turn. Maverick and Angel fly a critical mission in which they trace a Kilrathi destroyer back to the K’Tithrak Mang, placing its location for the first time in the history of the Enigma Campaign. Blair is finally able to clear his name when he and Zach “Jazz” Colson engage Strakha stealth fighters and return, flight recorders intact, to tell the tale. Following an altercation with Angel when he reveals classified information he should not know, Jazz reveals that he, in fact, is the traitor who has been responsible for the message leaks, sabotages and murders, Blair is able to apprehend him. And, finally taking matters into his own hands, Blair flies a single-handed strike against the K’tithrak Mang, destroying it and defeating Imperial Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka in combat. If the campaign has not gone so well, Concordia jumps back to Gwynedd and Blair destroys a Kilrathi invasion fleet preventing a disastrous strike against Terra. Credits: wikipedia
Critic Ratings: 76
IGDB Link: N/A
Pegi Rating :

No need to say, as same as the first game this was a must to gave and to play, also the was the first in the Wing Commander series who had voice overs.

My rate for this game: 9/10

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