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Wing Commander: Prophecy
Initial Release Date:1997
Genre(s): Simulator
Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), Game Boy Advance
Publisher: Origin Systems, Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts
It’s time for a new generation of pilots to take the helm! After the Border Worlds conflict of Wing Commander 4, the galaxy breathes a sigh of relief for peace has come at last. The hero of the Confederation, Colonel Chris Blair, decides to transfer to the Naval Forces. The Confederation decides its time to retire some of the old guard to make room for new hotshot pilots. Lance Casey and his best friend Max Garrett are fresh-from-the-Academy rookies looking to make their mark on the TCS Midway. Just as they are getting comfortable, a distress call from their former enemy, the Kilrathi, makes what would seem a routine mission into something else entirely…
Critic Ratings: 67
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Pegi Rating :

Whem Chris moved on to make his own gaming studio EA tryed to make their own version of the franchise of the popular Wing Commander with this installment however this version was so bad that it was dropped as their where plans to make a dlc to continou the story, the game had a bad writing and terrible acting.
Eventually they made the lost missions on a Gold edition of this version where the “so called” ending was made. Unfortunally it wasnt supposed to be as a notch of a game.
And the franchise died with it!!

My rate for this game: 4/10

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