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Zak Mckracken and the Alien Mindbenders
Initial Release Date: 1988
Genre(s): Adventure: Point and Click
Platforms: C-64, PC, Amiga, AT
Publisher: Lucasarts
Developer: David Fox/Matthew Kane
Zak McKracken is a tabloid reporter (and not a very good one at that). After having a psychedelic dream one day, Zak realizes that something is wrong — space aliens are dumbifying the general public through the telephone system. Zak must stop this, but he can’t do it alone. After finding a strange crystal, Zak manages to get the help of the anthropologist Annie and her friends, Melissa and Leslie. The four unlikely heroes must now figure out a way to destroy the dumbifying devices and save the Earth.
Critic Ratings: 90
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Pegi Rating :

Back in the days when this game was about a year old, i got this one on my commodore 64 and always loved this game and still do. I never finished this game even now still having problems finding the clues but i don’t mind as the humor in the game is soo good writen that i miss these types of games.
Luckly for us this game is back again for modern pc’s.

My rate for this game: 9/10

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