80’s and beyond and sci-fi action and beyond merges!

As of today and the days after we are working hard to get both sites to become one, as (Good Ol’) 80’s and beyond will be merge with Sci-fi, Action And Beyond.

Right now we are working to get all data to be transferred to the new location so for all cartoons database and games databases you will need to head to new location at https://scifibeyond.spacestation-online.com.

So for now this site will no longer be updated nor will we add more data to the excisting database. Everything will be done at the new location and right now we have already a new database ready for you to look at as to tv and movies albums with the source of spotify to listen too.

the 80s database is already in the works but will take some time to get ready and for that we will keep this site open till its ready but keep in mind we will no longer add new items in the database.

Also we a new site build as to scribblymate a social page for users to chat in share images or talk for fun, there is also group sessions that users can build or join with.

this is located at https://scribblymate.spacestation-online.com/

so right now enjoy! and we will see you there.