80’s and beyond final and last setup

Hi all,

This will be the final and last setup of our comeback and it was needed, many Good Ol’ 80’s stuff are returning into the present day.

With this we already have set things up, for one we got our famous Kitt back who will do a monday rotation of a classic (fair-use) music.

Also lots has been changed since we left the scene, its like we now have a tiny facebook where people can create a group for their own use, a live activity wall, and a brand new Forum.

And not to forget everyone earn points for visiting, creating groups or even post messages with each other on their wall and for that achievements can be earnend or even a rank for the classic 80’s franchise, this last part is still in work of progress.

Right now it’s testing and finishing the last details.

So lets enjoy the 80’s again and register is free of charge.