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Airdate: July 3, 1981
End Date: December 28, 1981
Broadcasted By: Unkown

Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 26

Genre(s): Animation | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Producer: Ashi Productions, Studio Z5
Developer: Takeshi Shudo
Music By: Tachio Akano
Country: USA | Japan
Language: English | Japanese
Runtime: 90 minutes

The Cast:

  • Robert V. Barron – Narrator
  • Cam Clarke – Templar (1986)
  • Barbara Goodson – Nathan (1986)
  • Steve Kramer – Hugo (1986)
  • Doug Lee – Chagall
  • Theodore Lehmann – An-D (1986)
  • Kerrigan Mahan – Cutter (1986)
  • Lisa Michelson – Jameson (1986)
  • Mike Reynolds – Blade (1986)
  • Gregory Snegoff – Eharn

  • GoShogun is a super robot anime series produced and aired in 1981 in Japan, with a movie special released in 1982 and a film sequel, GoShogun: The Time √Čtranger or Time Stranger, in 1985.[1][2][3] Its title has been variously translated into English as “Demon God of the War-Torn Land GoShogun”, “Warring Demon God GoShogun”, and “Civil War Devil-God GoShogun,” but in the US and parts of Europe it is primarily known as Macron 1, the title of its North American adaptation.
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