A new year a new way!!

So as to start this new year we of the 80’s and beyond team whishes everyone a good and healthy 2019,

and with that said here is a little update on how the 80’s and beyond will be continou the new year event with bringin Kitt back to the scene.

Yes our DJ Kitt is back, however you won’t see him on the normal pages as it used to be, these days we have decided to get him under the user home page, so if ya wanna hear kitt again you need to register or login and go to your member home page.

To do this login and select your avatar icon above the homepage or go to members and select in there your avatar so it will bring you to the home of your profile and kitt will show up.

this is a new and needed rule from other companies if we still wanted to continou.

also we now have a new banner, and we are doing a Games database of some fine ol games that we used to play in the old days.

it’s not finished as of yet but we are working on it as to speak!

80’s and beyond will be doing lots of goodies this year, but some will go slow as also this year will be a busy year for one of our creators, as medical and hospital visits will come first.

So see you all on the (Good Ol’) 80’s and Beyond!!