Welcome to the tutorial for Adding a post, as always please read the details and the rule on posting an article before really submitting one.

As we all known writing is easy but writing a article is a bit harder. Why? because these days we have to deal with copyrights and the source of the content, so it will not go up as spam or fake news items.

So here are a few things to remember:

  1. Write your article on a notepad or word (or something else that feels better).
  2. Make sure the facts are correct according to the article laws, so no fake facts or out of the dump news.
  3. A extra need to put into the news item down below needs to be placed the source of the content by putting for example: Source: cbs news under your article.
  4. As for the image it needs to match the article, Also if it comes from a source or the photomaker make sure to place > Photo by: (name of the person) <

These are requiet, if they are not on it the article will be dismissed and not placed into the site, it does however stay in your sheet so you can edit if it needs too so we can eventually still place it.

The Hard work

Ok, after reading the above you must have an idea on your article, so how do we start this? Well, first we go to our profile page. This can be done by either clicking your tiny avatar in the upper right next to the banner or by hovering your mouse over at member and then click the profile link that had dropped down.

Now in your profile you see the menu (like the image below) select article!

After the page has loaded you see a new menu (see image below) In there you might also see your already posted articles.

Now this is going to be easy, for writing select > New article < and the page will be loaded.

The page is simple as seen, Title = The title of your article, Categories = where it needs to be posted in, Tags = this can be skipped as we don’t use tags, Article content = this is your content, also write the source and like in the above text photo by. if these aren’t posted the article can not be posted and will be rejected. so make sure it’s in. if it was a source that is not found please write > contact admin < so we known to contact you for this to see the source.

Also if you haven’t got time to finish the post don’t worry you can always save it and work later on as a draft for this just press save and NOT save and move it under review! this way it will be saved as a draft so you can finish it later. when you are done then press the save and review. We will then review it and if we agree it will be posted.

You can always check your post when pressing the link under revie (yes spelling we know) in there your article is waiting for an admin to see for aprovement or rejected, if the last has been stated their will be an admin notice there on why the article hasn’t been posted.

Happy posting!!