Before you can add a post or what we call a news item, you must have register as a news poster by completing the form “I want to become news poster“, also you can go to the upper menu -> members (wait for the drop down) -> select the “i want to become a content poster”, also in the same menu where you had pressed the link there is also a sub menu with “accepted/rejected” to see your status. If you haven’t then your posts will be removed or never will be added.

If you have filled the form and have been accepted as writer for our news items then here down below is a short description on how to post them into our news section.

First write down the title of the head news “post title”, then your category this will be the section where your post needs to be in, these are: News Room (this is off limits only site owners may add news in this category), blu-ray/DVD releases,  Cartoons, Computers, DVD releases, Weird Science, Etc.

Post body is just your writing stuff, make it clear and easy to read for others. Do not use useless links they will be removed but if it does need links then use it inside a text, for example if the news item contains a release of a pre-order you may post it or if it has a extra news post it may also be linked but no commercials to other sites as to dating or any of short of links, it’s forbidden!

Post image, this is your news image, it’s not really needed but always comes in handy. and i wont have to tell more i think on how this works.

Source of content, this is very important to us, when checking your content we need to see if it is legit because of these days fake news is a hot item these days, if it is a press release and you want to post it, then you need to write into the source of content “contact Me! Press release” this way will contact you to see or talk about the content.

the last part is just a antibot just select “i’m not a robot” its jsut so no robots can have access to this page.

See image below on how things work!

As an update, there is a page called Post submission review, this is where you can see if your post has been accepted or not, but you can also edit or delete your own post item. Just remember if you have edit your post then it will need again some time to be checked with our staff for aproval before its been accepted again.