Commodore C-64 Mini

As of yesterday i got this little tiny computer.

It was one of the computers of my childgood the classic C-64 from commodore and thanks to retro gaming who made this game console of the commodore i can finally play my favorite games again as back then.

As i got it yesterday i did not had time to play as much of games as i used like my pc, and besides i had to look for some tips on the internet to get my favorite games running as it has 64 games already installed some arent my favorite it does have BoulderDash, the classic little man that needs to get the gems to get to the next level and each level will be difficult as like every ol’ classic 80’s games.

However after finding out there was a firmware update i can now load my ol games that are my favorite on a usb stick and load them up with a fileloader.

However it has some limits as you cant load multi-disk games (altough there are some hints and tips on how to load them, does not mean they will work) and in some cases the no functional keyboard is bit of a bummer as some games require the keyboard, there is however a virtual keyboard.

You can still add a usb keyboard to the c64 and use that but still.

Right now the system is being sold in many countries as for 80 dollars if im right as i got mine for 52 euros.

There is some news though about this new age of commodore C-64 as of december the next follow up of this mini will be his big brother, a full size C-64 with working keyboard will be released and has the same os as the little one.

so me enjoying the ol’ days again.

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