Bornchristopher Reeve 25 september 1952 New York, New York, Verenigde Staten
Died10 oktober 2004(age 52) Mount Kisco, New York, Verenigde Staten
Cause of deathsuffering heart failure while being treated for a severely infected pressure wound (common among paralyzed people)
Resting placeUnkown to my knowledge
OccupationActor Producer film director Writer
Years active1971–2017
Spouse(s)Dana Reeve
ChildrenWilliam Reeve, Matthew Reeve, Alexandra Reeve

Christopher Reeve, one of the actors we all known for role part in Superman, some say he was the true and real Superman as he showed us that a man could fly.

This last part was because when the first movie was being made and Christopher was hanging on the wires he moved his body in a way it would seem that he did fly and no CGI of today could even past that, better yet in the latest movies of the re-makes of superman they even watched the old movies to see Reeve move and uses that into the new movies so the flying would look for real, of course we do know it isn’t, Damn CGI.

However Christopher the turn went down on him when he had an accident with his horse when he got stuck with his foot and was dragged along beside his horse and with that he broke his spine, that made him Paralysed.

Doctors said he couldn’t do anything anymore and needed a machinery to keep him alive, however this is where (to me Personally) he becomes the real Superman to my eyes (and perhaps to many others) as he fought his illness, as doctors reminded him that he could not move a finger he eventually did, and with some special tech stuff he could move some parts of his body again and speak without his machinery for a long period.

He also started the Christopher Reeve Foundation who still exists today, for charity with disabled people for a better future.

When he heard that there was a new series on the make namely Smallville (teenage story of Clark Kent) he would like to be on as a quest appearances, as he got the part as Dr. Virgil Swann,

I believe it was the six episode where we stood still when the news came that Christopher Reeve had passed away.

His personal quote that i always keep in my mind since i also have a disability

A hero is someone who in spite of weakness, doubt or not always knowing the answers goes ahead and overcomes anyway.

We honor him in our Hall-Of-Fame.

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