Born Gerry Anderson 14 april 1929 Bloomsbury, Londen
Died 26 december 2012(age 83) Oxfordshire, Verenigd Koninkrijk
Cause of death Unkown, But hear it was a natural death (need more info on that part)
Resting place Unkown to my knowledge
Occupation Puppet maker Producer film director Writer
Years active 1971–2017
Spouse(s) Mary Robins (geh. 1981–2012), Sylvia Anderson (geh. 1960–1980)(divorced), Betty Wrightman (geh. 1952–1960)(Divorced)
Children 4 children

Gerry Anderson,

To me in my child hood i could not get away from the tv when his famous show was started and mostly the re-runs of Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, Space1999 i never could get away from the television when the shows where on.

I even had those Thunderbirds and the tracy Island so i could make my own story, but Gerry wasnt always for television he even worked with his crew for Disney in the old days to make special designs of spacecraft vessels that you could buy and model them even those famous Eagles where for sale in the old days.. i used to have one but unfortunately mine broke and yet they are still being produced these days (of course a bit expansive these days but worthy the money if you are a collector), however Gerry was more for the puppets and his most loved creation was always thunderbirds.

Right now there is a new show made of the Thunderbirds as a CGI series, however without Tracy, as they say he passed away by an exident or lost (i cant really remember because im the one who still find the old show better than the CGI version).

These days the television studios these days doesn’t show them any longer (at least in some parts of the world) and yet the toys are being sold again with a minor upgrades as they can.. still not perfect but it’s there.

I still miss him as in my child hood i once had met him and he was a very nice person.


We honor him in our Hall-Of-Fame.

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