Born Richard Hatch May 21, 1945 Santa Monica, California, USA
Died February 7, 2017 (age 71) Los Angeles, California, USA
Cause of deathPancreatic Cancer
Resting placeUnkown to my knowledge
Occupation Actor Producer film director Writer
Years active1971–2017
Spouse(s) Jo Marie (1966 – 19??) (divorced)
Children1 child

Richard Hatch, one of the actors we all known for his best sci-fi series ever made Battlestar Gallactica, as Capt. Apollo and his reprising role in the next Re-make of this series in 2000 series.

He also made several apperances in other series but he also made a fanbased movie InAlienable, Where he plays a doctor with a child born from an alien where he will be defending her for stopping the coverment to have her for tests and other trials, this is one of my favorite fanbased movies that Richard made.

However he would also be in the fanmade movie for the star trek Axanar, the battle with the klingons (according to one of the episodes from the Original Series where capt. Kirk meets an old captain who fought this battle and became legandary in starfleet), however there was a dispute between CBS and the creators about copyrights since CBS changed their role about fanmade series.

We honor him in our Hall-Of-Fame.

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