Down below are the required points that you can have, these points can be earned as you visit, register or anything else we have set up.

These points will be added to your account and eventually can be used for the shop we have here for getting wallpapers or calendars.

Rank Title: “To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before”

Points needed 950.00 Pt. – 1,000.00 Pt.

Rank Title: I Have The Power!!

Points needed 850.00 Pt. – 900.00 Pt.

Rank Title: Autobot

Points needed 750.00 Pt. – 800.00 Pt.

Rank Title: Commodore anywhere!

Points needed 650.00 Pt. – 700.00 Pt.

Rank Title: M.A.S.K.

Points needed 550.00 Pt. – 600.00 Pt.

Rank Title: The Land Of Confusion

Points needed 450.00 Pt. – 500.00 Pt.

Rank Title: Knight Of the Shiny Armor

Points needed 350.00 Pt. – 400.00 Pt.

Rank Title: 5-4-3-2-1, Care Bear Stare!

Points needed 250.00 Pt. – 300.00 Pt.

Rank Title: Truly Outrageous

Points needed 150.00 Pt. – 200.00 Pt.

Rank Title: Doctor Who?

Points needed 50.00 Pt. – 100.00 Pt.

Rank Title: LLAP

Points needed 0.00 Pt. – 25.00 Pt.

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