5-4-3-2-1, Care Bear Stare!

The Care Bears, was a cartoon television show that was aired in 1985 by DIC/LBS eventually more shows where made of these Bears.

At start it was a group of bears with a Sign on their bodies like a rainbow or a sun, eventually when the show got longer more bears where added and also in different shapes like a lion or a bunny.

In every show the Care Bears could use their signs to eventually make everyone happy and caring each other by making a pose and say 5,4,3,2,1 Care Bear Stare! a light from their Bellies shine across the people who needed it.

They also traveled by a care bear cloud car from their cloud city to land where they where needed.

The cartoon series are still being made and are now being showed on Netflix as a CGI series, there where also several movies made 12 in total.

In 1985 there where also fluffy bears made by Kenner as in the cartoon these bears also had their signs on their bellies and in different shapes.

but thats not all as the merchandise crew and cartoons being made it also has list of books for children that where being made by Parker Brothers and the comic books by Marvel star comics but where drawn by dc comics artist Howard Post.

The Care Bears also had their music and music videos it also had a Video Game by atari and pc and game boy advance.