Commodore anywhere!


Commodore (c64, Amiga) was a computer of 8-bit or more home personal computers the first ones that where build where a very simple Vic-20 systems and the Commodore PET.

Before the famous C-64’s where build the first that cam from these series was the C-16 however the C-64 where the most sold computers and made commodore who they where.

It wasn’t easy as the compation was great as other companies where also in the market place like Atari, BBC Micro and of course the famous ZX Spectrum.

The C-64 dominated the 80’s with their system and a with its basic 2.0 system, the system was sold as a box namely the C-64 and its cassette player but could be expanded with a floppy drive and it had a expansion for special game cartridges or basic expansion cartridges.

Eventually the c-64 was left behind when commodore annouced their new system the Amiga, a system that was far more advanced than other systems that where build in the time.

eventually Commodore went Bankcrupt because of claims and law suits.

from commodore amiga there where several systems build and with that a new era was born as to cd-players and harddrives where born.

A list of Amiga’s that we known

Amiga 500, A-600, A-1000, A-1200, A-2000, A-3000 and the last one tht came the C-4000.

All these systems where using AmigaOs (it was something like windows or what apple was using too in the days).

Commodore also tried out a gameconsole namely the cd32 But never made it into a succesfull system.

As of today we can still play these favorite game of the Amiga with the Winuae who emulates amiga however you do need system rom files who are being needed for emulating the system to run the games.