Doctor Who?

Doctor Who, is a british television show from 1963 (and still running today).

It tells the story about a Time Lord (aka the Doctor) from the planet Gallifrey, he explores the universe togheter with his comanion in a British Police box called the Tardis.

They both encounter lot of numorous enemies espacially the Daleks and the cybermen and some times they also travel in time.

Right now the show goes into a thirteenth Doctor and this time it’s not a male but female, There are also lots of other productions made of the franschise as to movies, spinoffs and even lots of comics and toys.

The music of Doctor Who was also made only from electronic and was one of the first kind that was made for any television shows as we know and it is still reconized by its fans and not fans.

Here is a Doctor who theme (Dubstep remix ).