Knight Of the Shiny Armor

Knight Rider is an american tv show about one man and his robotic Car named KITT (KITT stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand), the car a Pontiac Trans Am was technologically advanced and mostly almost undestructable.

Micheal Knight working for the Law And covernment (also known as FLAG) was run by Devon Miles and an engineer Bonnie who cared for KITT.

The series ran from 1982 till 1986 and had its first tv movie made (Knight Rider 2000), spin-off was also made namely Team Knight Rider, and in 2008-2009 a new show was made with the same name.

not only books and comics where made but by then davilex made two licenced games of the franchise for pc and playstation 2, in 80’s there where also two versions of the series made to several oldy computers for either zx spectrum and the C-64.

Our 80’s and beyond site is also using a reference to honour the show as we call him DJ KITT, it was made in flash by H. Nguyen, With this we tribute the classic 80’s music.

Back when we first started this site we had lots of recuests from bands to re-play their old songs on our player, but at the end of the 90’s we had to stop as personal life had changed and we directed our selfs to other projects. Right now we have started the 80’s and beyond again and for now our Dj Kitt will only play some music with the Fair-to-use policies until we can use the classic music again like we did before.

Here is a great remix of the main title of knight rider: