Ol’ forum is back and running again, what happens to this forum?

As of today I repaired the ol’ classic forum we used to have and to discuss lots of things in their. however in the time we where building our favorite sites we temporaly disabled that ol’ forum for the time being.

Now many moons in the futher we had time to get things rolling again in there.

But what will happen to the forum here on the 80’s site? well actially nothing much only i will be removing many items that are not needed or cant be used for a tipical 80’s site, many threads will be changed into a classic 80’s forum with toys, games, tv, movie and lots of others that we used to known in the 80’s genenre.

so head back to our classic forum at https://forums.spacestation-online.com/ or remain here and discuss the 80’s with us in here.

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