Orville Vs Star trek Discovery

Darn Orville has been started in the us and we still have to wait for Discovery, As i have seen the new episodes of the Orville and the discussions has already been started up on many social media’s on who is going to win the battle again.

Last time the orville had many viewers rather then the new Star trek Discovery who had already lost many intrest.

Yes, even netflix made demands to CBS to make the show better or they will loose an invester.

So i do know that many like fans will call us haters for not liking the show but seeing the most news and media sites it most likely that star trek will loose again from the orville as they already said in one tweets from seth that again lots of cameo\’s would perform in the new season from the star trek grounds, and yes in the last episode there where again two star trek quests in as in this case DR. Phlox and the EMH it was fun to watch them both act with each other.

as discovery will have pike and spock (ugh..ugh), fans are already disapointed in seeing the preview of the new season of disco, and what about spock? i know the serie will be based upon the episode the “The Cage” the un-broadcasted episode because the broadcasters did not like it and a new episode was made by then with James T. Kirk and Yes Spock only he was different by then as the Spock we know now, as i believe Disco wanted to show us how spock is changing from a funny alien to a no related emotionless alien. As many fans know Leonard had control over his character and wanted him to change to make it more interested to the viewers and later in the movies we do see spock change and accepting his human side.

However i’m not really and willing to wait for this change again in the Disco series, as like the klingon change in Enterprise, and yes the klingons are changing again in Disco! they are getting hair this time,, WOW,,

We will see when the show starts as for us europeans we have to wait till the 18th of januari and by then i will think The Orville will be the number one again as a scifi series like Season 1.

way to go Seth!

As for me i will be watching Disco again but not as a star trek fan but more as a scifi geek and i will not accept this as a trek. as for orville its trek..